The Last Bus

‘The Last Bus’ will be showing Monday January 9th at 7:00 pm at the Aurora Cinema Centre. Tickets are $13.00 each. Of course we will be accepting your flex passes, so make sure to dig them out of storage! Cash only please, FYI the movie theatre no longer has an ATM. Ticket sales will stop at 6:55 pm so our film loving volunteers can catch the beginning of the film.
Synopsis: An old man whose wife just passed away uses his free local bus pass to travel to the other end of the UK, to where they originally moved from, using only local buses, on a nostalgic trip but also carrying his wife’s ashes in a small suitcase, ‘taking her back’ and in doing so he meets local people. By the end of his trip he’s a celebrity.
Rating: Not available. There are two scenes of bullying, some accidental injuries, implied marital sex, minor social drinking, and a single curse word.