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The Fort St. John Community Arts Council is pleased to announce the winners from the 8th Annual High On Ice Festival.

Carving events took place by professional and amateur carvers from January 13 to 15 in Centennial Park. The theme was ‘Forces of Nature’which proved fitting after Fort St. John experienced weekend temperatures of -38 with windchill!

And the competition winners are…

Amateur Ice Carving

Media Challenge: Alaska Highway News "Owl"

Mayors Challenge: District of Taylor

Intermediate Competition:

 1st – Meadow River (Angela Lamothe, Dave Lamothe, Sarah Conkin, Nathan Conkin)

 2nd – Joie De Vivre (Suzon Anne Tremblay, Laurie Petrucci, Nicola Hedges)

 3rd – Ice Breakers (Andrew Blaney, Charity Blaney)

Professional Ice Carving

Single Block:

 1st – Dean Murray USA

 2nd – Chris Foltz USA

 3rd – Ilya Filimontsev RUSSIA

Team Abstract:

 1st – Ilya Filimontsev RUSSIA "Melodies of the Wind"

 2nd – Peter Vogelaar & Carl Schlichting CANADA "The Higgs Boson"

 3rd – John McKinnon & Denis Kleine CANADA "A Windy Day in the Park"

Team Realistic:

 1st – Dean Murray & Chris Foltz USA "Shhhhh…Calming the Fire"

 2nd – David David Ducharme & Jesse Forrester CANADA "The Chase"

 3rd – Woojay Poynter & Benjamin Rosenbaum USA "Rise of the New Year"

Thanks to all the volunteers, the competition was a huge success! The sculptures will remain in Centennial Park until they melt – so there is still time for families to come out, enjoy the displays, and have fun on the family ice slides!  


Not for the Faint of Heart!

Professional Ice Carvers brave a bitter north wind to work on their sculptures on the second day of the High on Ice ice carvign competition

For the second year in a row, professional and amateur ice carvers are braving bitter cold to produce the sculptures that always seem to rise above the weather conditions and amaze all of us who are brave enough to walk through the park on a day like this.  The competition started with perfect carving conditions on Friday evening, but it was too good to last and the rest of the weekend promises to be a stern test for the artists.  One has to admire their toughness and perseverence as, again for the second consecutive year, the Ice Carving competition is the only High on Ice event left standing in the face of truly horrible winter conditions.  Let's at least make the Fort St. John welcome warm for these talented visitors; make at least a quick visit to Centennial park on Saturday or Sunday to offer them a word of encouragement and praise for their efforts.

Single Block Ice Carving complete

First Place in the Single Block category was awarded to Dean Murray from the USA.

The High on Ice Carving competition is well underway at Centennial Park and conditions are good with the colder weather arriving just in time.  The Single Block sculptures have been completed and judged.  Carvers are now hard at work on their large sculptures.  Be sure to come down to the park and watch the artists at work while the children enjoy the ever popular ice slide.  Get your picture taken at the coloured ice photo booth and carve your name on the interactive wall.  The amateur Ice Carving will take place on Saturday; see how our local city council measures up in the mayor's challenge. 

Ice & Snow still a go!

Mild Temps Won’t Derail Family Fun at Carving Contest

Fort St. John BC (January 11, 2012)— The weather outside may feel like spring, but winter will be in the air this weekend during an outdoor carving extravaganza teaming with fun for the whole family.

The Fort St. John Community Arts Council is proud to host the 8th Annual High On Ice – Ice &  Snow Competition, happening January 13 to 15 in Centennial Park. People of all ages are invited to celebrate spectacular sparkling creations carved from ice.

Sculpting events by professional and amateur carvers will take place all weekend long, with the amateur event featuring the annual ‘Mayor’s Challenge’ on Saturday and the “Media Challenge” on Sunday. Take in the snow and ice carving competitions in Centennial Park at the following dates and times:

Other events take place all weekend long around Fort St. John. Families can come out and enjoy pond hockey, curling, tobogganing, sleigh rides, children’s activities, fishing, live entertainment, theatre, comedy, and more.


  • David Ducharme & Jesse Forrester CANADA **Jesse is from Fort St. John
  • Dean Murray & Chris Foltz USA
  • Ilya Filimontsev RUSSIA
  • John McKinnon & Denis Kleine CANADA
  • Peter Vogelaar & Carl Schlichting CANADA
  • Wojay Poynter & Benjamin Roseanbaum USA


  • Chris Foltz USA
  • Dean Murray USA
  • Denis Kleine CANADA
  • David Ducharme CANADA
  • Ilya Filimontsev RUSSIA
  • John McKinnon CANADA
  • Peter Vogelaar CANADA
  • Wojay Poynter USA


The 8th Annual High On Ice Festival comes to life in the community because of the support and partnerships of local organizations and residents. We would like to thank the following Diamond, Platinum and Gold sponsors for 2012:  Pomeroy Hotel, Shell Canada, Safety First Professional Driver Training, Peace Country Rentals, DGS Astro Paving, Spectra Energy, Rhayson Contracting, Talisman Energy, and Surerus Pipeline.

We would like to thank the Silver, Bronze and Friend sponsors for 2012:  ACTO Structures & Logistics, Bizzybody Events, Brandt Tractor, Northern Groove, Cat The Rental Store, Driving Force, Encana, Evolve Enterprises, Extreme Signs, Fort Motors, Moose FM, Neufeld Petroleum & Propane, Peace River Regional District, School District #60, Smith Fuel, Spectra Energy, Swift Specialty Services, Trans Carrier Limited, Tru Value Hardware, Wesco Distribution, Boston Pizza, Canadian Helicopters, Candoo Oilfield Services, Chinook Log Homes, D&T Disposals, Dalco Instruments, District of Taylor, Golder Associates, Gregg Distributors, JD Fitzgeralds, Mr. Mikes, Northern Metalic, PriceSmart Foods, Patch Java, Brewed Awakenings, RONA, Real Canadian Wholesale, Super 8, Trojan Safety, Woodland Tim-br Mart, and C&V Trailer Sales.

Thank you also to the following people, for the hard work and dedication to the event this year – and for some, for many years: Andrew Blaney, Angela Loftus, Bill Hedges, Brad Shilling, Carlos De Smit, David Ducharme, Denise Kleine, Erin Thompson, Ilya Filimontsev, James Landry, Jesse Forrester, John McKinnon, Kyler Forrester, Margaret May, Peter Vogelaar, Rosemary Landry, Russ & Kathy Wilkenson, Sassy Hardt, Sonja Butts, Sue Popesku, and the North Peace Secondary School Students.