Spirit is Strong in School District 60 Band

It has been said that every storm ends in a rainbow, and the SD60 Band program has found theirs this pandemic. A record number of SD60 Band students planning to continue on in music post-secondary this year! The program, lead by co-ordinator Sandra Gunn, currently has 9 students planning music as their post-secondary career choice, and three grade 12s recently submitted their university auditions this week.

Mr. & Mrs. Brooks have been mentoring Karis Paracuelles, Rylee Francis and Brian Hoffman each Sunday on their audition pieces and Mr. Price has been working with them at North Peace Secondary School to make sure they have the necessary theory background. Local pianist Dana Peterson and Russell Eggleston from Sound in Town made sure their applications were as professional as possible and the students made use of the music room at Ma Murray school to record their audition.

Follow this link to listen to the audition recordings these students sent in to a variety of Canadian universities this week!

If you are looking for ways to support the SD60 Band Program and students like these, please contact the program co-ordinator Sandra Gunn. They are currently doing a fundraiser with Walker’s Greenhouses to raise money for trips to Whistler (High School) and Camp Cameron (Middle School).

The SD60 Band Program begins in grade 6. If you would like to register your grade 5 child for the 2022-2023 SD60 Band Program, registration is now open, and you can contact the beginner teachers Sabrina Brooks or David Price.