FSJ Film Society: Alice

While we are not yet back for a full season we are excited to invite you to join us for a movie!! Join us Monday March 28 at 7:00 pm for ‘Alice’ at the Aurora Cinema Centre.  Tickets are $13.00 each. Of course we will be accepting your flex passes, so make sure to dig them out of storage! Cash only please, FYI the movie theatre no longer has an ATM. Ticket sales will stop at 6:55 pm so our film loving volunteers can catch the beginning of the film.
As per the current Public Health Orders- Vaccination passports will be checked so please make sure you have quick access to yours.
Synopsis: Alice, an enslaved person yearning for freedom on a Georgia plantation, escapes through the woods and stumbles through time into the year 1973. After she meets a disillusioned political activist, she confronts the lies that kept her enslaved.