Northern Winds Community Band Welcomes New Members

Planning is underway for next season of Northern Winds, and we are welcoming new members for the fall. Players must be 19 or older and have a minimum of three years playing experience Рhowever, it is okay if that experience is not recent! We start the year slow to welcome our new members and it is never too late to dust off an instrument. Please invite anyone you know who may be interested!

The rough plan for next year is to divide the year into three seasons, where we explore and showcase different styles.

Sept-Dec – Jazz (start with the basics, then combo charts, then read from chords/melody)

I am looking forward to this – I think it will be fun!
*Care Home, Company Christmas Parties, Santa Clause Parade, other Christmas events*

Jan-April – Concert Band (lyrical and programmatic written specifically for concert band)

*CDC Talent Show, Festival*

May-June – Pop (Orchestral, TV/Movies, Rock, etc. that the average listener recognizes)

*Private Company Picnics, Bright Nights in June, Canada Day*

The cost is $150/year to cover expenses, and we will continue to rehearse starting the first Thursday in September 2015 through until Canada Day 2016, 7-9 at Bert Bowes Middle School. Interested people can contact Sabrina Brooks 793-2862 or, or find us on Facebook: Northern Winds Community Band.