Festival ends with “Best of the Fest”

Top Row: Music award winners, Katie Haab, Abigail Ryder, Colson Fellers, Myles Hanna Shiau Shan Kao Phan, Terrence Zhou, Luke Noble, Clayton Fehr, Rachelle Troyer, Spence Prieur, Wesley Kao Phan, Christy Stephens Bottom Row: Dance award winners & provincial delegates, Emily Cui, Darcee Mora, Tenille Johnson, Milanne Desfosses, Shiau Shan Kao Phan, Abby White, Lenore Loewen, Takisha Johnson, Keily Stewart, Katherine Grimes, Morgan Mora, Sonja Beale, KPAC dancer from top overall group, Shianne Fairliie, Sydney Decker

The 2013 edition of the Peace River North Festival came to a close on Sunday night with the "Best fo the Fest" Honour Concert, a sampling of some outstanding performances from the week of the festival as chosen by adjudicators Sylvia Shadick-Taylor, John White, Heath Onstine, Kerry Lynn Turner and Julie Tomaino. The adjudicators may not have enjoyed our weather, but they had nothing but praise for the efforts the performing artists of the region. The evening included the Northern Lights Youth Choir and, for the first time, the Northern Winds Community Band along with performance in piano, violin, guitar, banjo, speech, trumpet and many forms of dance by dancers from Fort St. John, Dawson Creek and Fort Nelson. Some of the dancers of Aurora Dance Centre in Fort Nelson had driven as far as Wonowon when they got the word that they had been chosen for the show, and they turned around and came back to be a part of the evening.

The final evening also included the announcement of our provincial delegates and presentation of the major awards of the festival. Our region will be represented at the BC Performing Arts Festival in Chilliwack by a talented group of delegates, as follows:


Junior Piano Delegate Wesley Kao Phan  
Piano Observer Luke Noble  
Guitar Observers Colson Fellers Myles Hanna
Dance Category Dance Delegate Alternate
Ballet I Darcee Mora Emily Cui
Ballet II Tennille Johnson  
Ballet III Shiau Shan Kao Phan  
Stage I Lenore Loewen Abby White
Stage II Keily Stewart Takisha Johnson
Stage III Katherine Grimes Erin Maxfield
Modern II Morgan Mora Zahria Stokes
Modern III Sonja Beale Milanne Desfosses

Music Awards

Piano Category Winner
Junior Classical Christy Stephens
Senior Classical Wesley Kao Phan
Canadian Spencer Prieur
Junior Romantic Rachelle Troyer
Senior Romantic Wesley Kao Phan
Baroque Wesley Kao Phan
Junior Popular Clayton Fehr
Senior Popular Luke Noble
Junior 20th Century Terrence Zhou
Senior 20th Century Luke Noble
Duet Shiau Shan & Wesley Kao Phan
Junior Adjudicator's Award Rachelle Troyer
Intermediate Adjudicator's Award Luke Noble
Senior Adjudicator's Award Wesley Kao Phan
Junior Strings Abigail Ryder
Senior Strings Katie Haab
Guitar & Banjo Colson Fellers
Vocal Solo Kay Leesa Fehr
Instrumental Heather McAleney

Dance Awards

Adjudicator's Award Morgan Mora
Dance Excellence, 13 & over Shiau Shan Kao Phan
Runner-up Tennille Johnson
Dance Excellence, 12 & under Lenore Loewen
Runner-up Darcee Mora
Most Promising, 13 & over Keily Stewart
Most Promising, 12 & under Emily Cui
Love of Dance Shianne Fairlie
Camaraderie Award Sydney Decker
Light up the Stage Darcee Mora
Top Group Dance Kiwanis Performing Arts Centre
Most Entertaining Dance The Move Dance Centre
Duo Excellence Ballet, 13 & over Ashley White & Bailey Taylor
Duo Excellence Ballet, 12 & under Ally Dietz & Ashlyn Taylor
Duo Excellence Stage, 13 & over Elan Miller-Jeannotte & Lauren Hrab
Duo Excellence Stage, 12 & under Mackenzie Gosling & Darcee Mora