Sand Sensations, The Peace Region’s Newest Footprint in the Sand

Sand Sculpture by Ray Villafane

Did you ever imagine driving over the Taylor Bridge, going south – you look over and see the largest sand castle EVER? Well imagine no more – we are going to bring the most amazing sand creations the Peace Region has EVER seen! 

The FSJ Community Arts Council and the District of Taylor will bring SAND Sensations BC to life, July 25-31, 2012 at Peace Island Park.  We will bring sand carving from the beach to the river bank with the help of four renowned international artists.  Peter Vogelaar, David Ducharme from Winlaw, BC, Ray Villafane from Arizona, and Ilya Filimontsev from Russia ,will each create one piece of art to the theme of “Panning for Gold”, and the sculptures they can create from a pile of sand are truly amazing.  Everyone is invited to come to Peace Island Park throughout the event to see the work in progress, and to try your hand yourself in sand provided for kids of all ages to experiment with their own artistic creations!  

Contact the Arts Council at for more information and come out to see the only event of this kind in the north.