Policy Manual


The Fort St. John Community Arts Council is working for a better community by supporting and developing the arts and culture. We strive to facilitate Fort St. John residents to reach and expand their potential through the arts, advocate for the arts, artists, and arts groups in Fort St. John, network and connect with all those interested and concerned about the arts, promote the role of the arts in building the quality of life and enhancing positive lifestyles, educate the public about the arts as well as market the arts and artists in and around Fort St. John.

The membership of the Fort St. John Community Arts Council consists of organizations, businesses, and individuals engaged in cultural activities in the North Peace Region.

  • Pay annual membership dues in September of each year – $75/business, $50/group, $10/individual. New members may join at anytime throughout the year. Each member, including members of the Board are subject to membership fees.

  • Designate a representative from the group to be responsible to relay Arts Council information to the group and to bring a member group report to the Arts Council meeting.  A set amount of time is reserved for member group reports. The member group reports are a highlight of the Arts Council meetings as it promotes awareness among the arts groups as to upcoming ‘Calendar of Events’ and possible collaborative support between arts groups.

  • Member Group reports at the monthly meetings are to be submitted by email or submitted by writing and should provide current information. The information provided will be used for arts publications (eg. newspapers, newsletters, FSJCAC website, calendar of events, etc). 

  • Member Groups are to appoint a delegate to act as a liaison to the Art Council. This representative must agree that the Arts Council may share their contact information should individuals or organizations inquire about their group. (Please see Contact Information Waiver).

  • Attend the monthly Arts Council meetings (10 per year)

  • Acknowledge your membership in the Arts Council by including “Proud to be a Member of the Fort St. John Community Arts Council” on all promotional material.

  • At the AGM in September, it is requested that each group submit copies of promotional material and media releases from the past calendar year to the Arts Council Executive Director. The material is used to support the Grant-in-Aid Request to the City of Fort St. John.

  • Support the Arts Council by serving or having member group members serve on the Arts Council Board of Directors or Committees from time to time.

  • Participate in Arts Council programs throughout the year when possible. Cooperate and support other arts groups and individuals to make their events successful (eg. encourage the public to attend).


The Cultural Services Branch of the Ministry of Small Business, Tourism and Culture provides a basic assistance annually to each Arts Council in BC calculated on the distance from Victoria and the latest population statistics of Fort St. John (census 2001). The Ministry requires a formal application that is due on September 30th, complete with current budget, last financial statement, and a detailed submission from each Arts Council member group requesting assistance.
Each member group of the Fort St. John Community Arts Council in good standing for one year is eligible to apply to the Arts Council for financial assistance.
The amount of funds distributed each year by the Arts Council corresponds to the amount of assistance received from the City of Fort St. John.
The financial assistance from the Arts Council should be used for workshops, training, resource materials (books, DVDs, music), promotional material, printing, space use, or conference registration. Financial assistance can not be applied to travel, capital equipment, and costumes or uniforms.
The latest financial statements of each group requesting assistance must accompany the application.
No group can receive more than $1000.00 in any one year.
No group can receive more than 35% of the group’s proposed budget in any one year.
Groups receiving assistance must acknowledge the Arts Council assistance in promotional material and programs printed for the event during the year.
All funds must be used by April 1 the following year that they are granted (eg. The 2008-2009 grant must be used by April 1, 2010. All unused funds return to the Arts Council general account.
In accordance with Revenue Canada, groups with charity tax numbers receive a cheque in full for the approved grant. Groups without charity tax numbers must submit bills to be paid only to the source of the billing and not to the group.
A grant of $500.00 may be designated to Peace Gallery North for an exhibit and the North Peace Cultural Centre for training/workshops upon receipt of an application.
Any group directly receiving Cultural Services Branch or institutional funding support is not eligible for granting assistance from the Arts Council (eg. Public Library, NLC, School District, Historical Society). However, special projects may be considered from other sections of the Arts Council Budget.
A contingency amount can be allocated for later use in the year for groups with unforeseen expenditures such as representing Fort St. John in other communities.
Adjudication of Requests:
The Adjudication Meeting in September is set by the Board of Directors in June and
outlined in the letter with the application distributed to each group. Grant applications are due no later than the FSJCAC AGM.
Each group has one vote at the meeting and each Board Member has one vote. No one
person can have two votes at the Adjudication Meeting. The number of members and
associates who can attend the Adjudication Meeting is unlimited.
A list of requests including each group’s proposed budget, percentage of budget
Requested and previous grant amount will be supplied to all attendees at the beginning of
the Adjudication Meeting. The Treasurer of the Arts Council will preside over the meeting.
The criteria for allocating financial assistance to member groups includes the following:
1.       The impact of the group on the community
2.       Number of members in the group
3.       Do members make money with the group?
4.       What percentage of their budget is requested? (Maximum is 35%)
5.       What fund-raising effort a potential does the group have?
6.       Is the group new and developing?
7.       Does the group cooperate with other art groups?
8.       Does the group acknowledge the Arts Council and City of Fort St. John as a support system?
9.       Does the group participate in the Arts Council meetings and events.
10.   Does the group support more than their own discipline in the arts development in the community?