Local Performers excel at Provincials

The Peace River North Festival was well represented at the recent Provincial Festival as local performers rose to the occasion at their home festival. We can be very proud of all of our young artists who represented our region with their best efforts along with class and good sportsmanship. To be selected for the Provincials is a notable achievement; to be recognized with an award is a rare honour.

Left to Right: Ella Brooks, Runner-up in Level III Stage Dance; Julia Bennett, Winner in Level II Stage Dance; Carissa Zaldy, Runner-up in Level I Stage Dance

Simon Jones: Honourable Mention in Intermediate Piano

Kevin Nguyen: Honourable Mention in Junior Canadian Piano

Annika Lindh: Honourable Mention, Level III Modern Dance

The North Peace was represented by:

Merited Participants: Temperance Milne, Hallee Hansen
Ballet I: Sophie Tang
Ballet II: Emiliy Peters, Alternate: Macey Bates
Modern II: Maddie Alexander, Alternate: Kenlee White
Modern III: Addyson Soderberg, Alternate: Annika Lindh
Stage I: Carissa Zaldy, Portlynn Bates, Alternate: Brinklee Beck
Stage II: Julia Bennett, Hailey McLain, Alternate: Zoey Mytron
Stage III: Ella Brooks, Rylea Krezanoski, Alternate: Kori Daisley


Merited Participant: Tara Carnell

Intermediate Woodwind Delegate: Emily Dick

Junior A Delegate: Ella Knoppers
Junior A Alternate: Isabelle Merk
Intermediate Delegate: Renaldy Zaldy
Intermediate Alternate: Sophia Domanski

Junior B Delegate: Kevin Nguyen
Junior B Alternate: Ranita Luo
Intermediate Delegate: Simon Jones
Intermediate Alternate: Abby Wuthrich
Merited Participants: Layna Wuthrich, Nasya Boyd, Abigail Jones

Congratulations to all of you. You have made us very proud.