Peace River North Festival Results

The 2023 Peace River North Festival wrapped up on Sunday, April 23 with the Best of the Fest Honours Concert, featuring the top performances selected by the adjudicators over a wonderful nine days of music and dance.

Music Awards

Top Vocal Performer:  Kennedy Holtman

Adjudicators awards, Strings

  • Junior – Daniela Telescu
  • Senior – Renaldy Zaldy

Adjudicator’s Awards, Piano

  • Junior – Rita Choi
  • Intermediate – Quinelle Pereira
  • Senior – Simon Jones
  • Rhonda Scott Memorial Award for love of Music in piano:  Abby Wuthrich

Dance Awards

Adjudicator’s Award: Ella Brooks
Dance Excellence 13 & over: Sophie Soderberg
Runner-up: Abby Taylor
Dance Excellence 12 & under: Macey Bates
Runner-up: Temperance Milne
Most Promising Dancer 13 & over: Maddie Alexander
Most Promising Dancer 12 & under: Sophie Tang
Love of Dance: Sebastian Kaban
Light up the Stage: Portlynn Bates
Most Entertaining Group: Geronimo by Studio 2 Stage Dance Academy
Most Entertaining Solo or Duo: Abby Taylor & Abby Baker
Top Overall Group Dance: Brand New – Studio 2 Stage Dance Academy
Northern Institute of Dance Summer Intensive Scholarships
Senior: Brielle Beard
Junior: Sophie Tang
Northern Dance Theatre Society Summer School Scholarships
Hannah Swanson & Eden Litnosky
Be Discovered Scholarships: Sylvie Swanson & Addyson Soderberg
Adjudicator Shout-outs: Ayla Hedican, Alexis Mackenzie, Hailey McLain, Decklynne Miedema, Zoey Mytron

Choir: Alleluia Children’s Choir
Vocal Merited Participant: Kennedy Holtmann
Merited Participants: Ella Knoppers
Junior A Strings: Olivia Bullert
Intermediate Strings: Renaldy Zaldy

Piano Merited Participants: Simon Jones, Abby Wuthrich, Naysa Boyd, Ranita Luo, Kevin Nguyen

Ballet I: Macey Bates
Alternate: Mataya Howells
Ballet II: Emily Peters
Alternate: Kenlee White
Ballet III: Sophie Soderberg
Stage I: Carissa Zaldy
Alternate: Temperance Milne
Stage II: Rylea Krezanoski
Stage II: Julia Bennett
Alternates: Brielle Beard, Maddie Alexander
Stage III: Abby Taylor
Stage III: Tara Carnell
Modern II: Addyson Soderberg
Alternate: Maddy Alexander
Modern III: Ella Brooks

Provincial Selections – Group Dances

The Journey: Ballet – Alchemy Dance Collective
Classical Crossover: Ballet – Alchemy Dance Collective
I Will Always Love You: Lyrical – Studio 2 Stage Dance Academy
New York New York: Contemporary – Alchemy Dance Collective
Hung Up: Jazz – Alchemy Dance Collective
Drake: Hip Hop – Alchemy Dance Collective
Sun Will Rise: Tap – Studio 2 Stage Dance Academy
March of the Executives: Theatrical Dance – Studio 2 Stage Dance Academy