Ekphrastic Writing Contest REsults

Congratulations to the writers who were recognized at this year’s Ekphrastic Writing Exhibit and to the artists whose work inspired these writers

Enormous thanks to the fabulous Jeanette Lynes for blind-judging the submissions.

From the adjudicator Jeanette Lynes: “Thank you all for your poems! What a rich and varied group, and lively engagements with the works of art, which provided powerful sources of imagery and vocality. Congratulations to all the entrants, and the artists whose work proved so inspirational.”

Distinguished Award ($200): Marilyn Belak – “Himalayan Blackberry, Rubus armeniacus or Eugenics, Colonialism & Abugidas” (inspired by Haley Bassett’s “Stop”)

Second Prize ($100): Shannon Craig – “Adrift in a Drift” (inspired by Barbara Swail’s “Solastalgia”)

Honourable Mentions (in alphabetical order)

Tanya Clary – “Phoenix” (Inspired by Melissa Klassen’s “Phoenix”)

Pamela den Ouden – “Superheroes Still” (inspired by Sherry Reynard’s “Watching Waves”)

Melanie Mason – “Last of Sadness Thesaurus” (inspired by Karl Mattson’s “Lost”)

Seanah Roper – “Love” (inspired by “Love” by Tracy Krauss)

Tamara Sunchild – “Creation” (inspired by Melissa Klassen’s “Creation)

Barbara Swail – “Stop” (inspired by Haley Bassett’s “Stop”)

Katelyn Vandersteen – “Amphibian Fog” (inspired by Melissa Klassen’s “Amphibian Fog”)