Addam’s Family Auditions

America’s first family hits the stage this fall but only if we get your help.
Stage North is holding open auditions for The Addams Family: A New Musical on Friday May 31 and on Saturday June 1 at the North Peace Cultural Centre.
You are invited to come and try out to be a part of the production.
We are looking for actors, singers, and dancers. There will also be a couple of roles for children (11 years and older).
We will provide script samples to read from but would love to hear you sing as well. Please have a song prepared for the audition. If you can’t think of a song, you can always use our national anthem as your audition song.
Got a special talent that you think would work well for this show? We’d love to see it.
Also, if you are not interested in being on stage, we are also looking for carpenters, painters, running crew, costumers, and more. We will take your information at auditions as well.