2017 Artwalk

There is still time to take in the 2017 Artwalk in downtown Fort St. John.  Maps are available at the Art Gallery in the North Peace Cultural Centre.  Enjoy the work of our local artists at more than thirty venues around town.


Artist:  Irene Gut             Artwork at This and That

I was born and raised in Switzerland and moved to the North West of Canada almost 21 years ago. At first I felt a sense of being lost in the vastness of this big beautiful country. I learned to embrace the quiet beauty of the land and now it gives me the inspiration and the time I need to reflect on my daily walks through the hills and valleys of the beautiful Peace River Region.

 Growing up I was the happiest child when I got a box of brand new pencil crayons and a coloring book. Did you ever notice how wonderful these new wooden pencils smell? Even nowadays I am taken back to my childhood when I open a new box of these wonderful colours. I can’t help but smell them!

 It was about eight years ago when I came across encaustic for the first time. A card created with wax and the iron was given to me from a cousin in Switzerland. I was hooked! I did some research and ordered my first supplies. Since then I took several workshops with well-known encaustic artists and learned a lot more about the process of painting with wax. To me working with wax is relaxing, satisfying, fascinating and yes, sometimes frustrating and challenging but I love it. I fell in love with the versatility and vibrancy of that medium and at the same time there is a luminosity that only wax can have. And of course you can’t beat the wonderful smell of it!

Artist:  Deb Bowyer

Artwork at Old is the New New Consignment


Potter Natalie Brekkaas                                                                                Artwork at Good 2 Go Shoes

Although known primarily for her unique and expressive pottery, Natalie has recently begun exploring abstract painting.  Her fascination with the unpredictable nature of fluid art has captured her imagination and ignited a passion to go with the flow with minimal artist’s control.  The liberating nature of this style of art is being reflected in a new, more accepting and relaxed, view on life and a developing philosophy of “what will be will be”.  Coming from a largely self-taught background, Natalie has had the great good fortune of rubbing elbows with, and developing friendships with, a wide variety of artists from sculptors to painters, potters, tattoo artists and glass blowers.  “Being supported by a like-minded community,” Natalie says, “fosters a beautifully accepting attitude.”

Artist:  Karl Musgrove

Artwork at CIBC

Artist:  Ann Musgrove

Artwork at CIBC

Artist:  Linda Takahashi                          Artwork at the Flower Hut

Linda is a self-described ceramic artist-in-training. She has dabbled in pottery for several years but since moving to Fort St. John a couple of year ago, she has been able to focus on making lots of cylinders on the wheel at the North Peace Potters Guild. This is her second year as a participant of the ARTWALK.

 I like working with clay because the possibilities of what can be created are diverse, the end result is not always predictable and the gratification process is not instantaneous. Currently, my work is inspired by birds, the marine environment and bicycles. I like designs that are simple and pieces that are functional.


Artist:  Kim Ans

Artwork at Computer Emporium

Artist Staci Busche                               Artwork at The Paint Place

I’m a self-taught painter, born and raised in Fort St John. I’ve been creative all my life, but really rediscovered my passion for art in the past six months. My focus has turned to portrait painting this year, and I am excited to see where it leads me.

Artist:  Jean Gammage

Artwork at Marcy’s Bright Ideas

Artist:  Mike Kroecher                  Artwork at Homesteader Foods

Most of my paintings depict Peace River scenes, all threatened by site C. I consider my paintings to be a protest against the impending destruction of this uniquely magnificent valley. Ideally my paintings should be looked at from some distance.

On closer inspection you might notice that I am using quite different styles- one showing quite a few detail, the other one, much bolder brushstrokes and larger areas of colour. I am becoming increasingly fond of the latter. Perhaps this trend could be described as drifting towards simplification and possibly some abstraction. I don’t really know what the future holds, but I love experimenting. I only see oil paints and I enjoy blending colours on my canvasses, sometimes achieving surprisingly satisfying results.

Artist:  The late Heather Hannford

Artwork on display at the North Peace Cultural Centre


Artist:  Joel Leite                     Artwork at the Northern Grand Hotel

Joel Leite has been living in the Peace Region for over 14 years enjoying the people, scenery, and a variety of backdrops from rugged mountains and river valleys to prairies as far as the eye can see with the biggest, most dramatic skies. They all inspire his art. Joel was born and raised in Saskatoon Saskatchewan. Ever since childhood his life has been colored and punctuated with the expressive capacity of art.

Artist:  Angela Fehr

Artwork at Mondo Restaurant

Artist:  Sherry Petryshyn

Artwork at Soul Sweet Café & 250 Pizza

North Peace Spinners & Weavers

Artwork at Old is the New New Consignment

Artist:  Alan White

LINING 100 STREET IN FORT ST. JOHN ARE BANNERS SALUTING THE 75th ANNIVERSARY OF THE CONSTUCTION OF THE ALASKA HIGHWAY. Thanks to these community-minded business and individuals who have contributed to the creation of the banners.

Windward Resources Ltd.     Fountain Tire      Urban Systems Ltd.       Macenna Staffing Services                                                       North Peace Regional Airport   Sorin and Sue Popesku       Energetic Services       Brian and Connie Surerus                                      Stephen MacAdams Law Corporation    Enbridge   Peace River Building Products                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

The Arts acknowledge the assistance of the Province of British Columbia and the City of Fort St. John.