Peace River Zone Theatre Festival

Welcome to Tip your Toque to Canadian Theatre the 2017 Peace River Theatre Festival. We are please to present three fantastic productions this year to compete for the chanced to represent our Zone at the BC Mainstage this July. Throughout this weekend, you will get to experience a love, loss, heartache and hilarity as we bring you these three fantastic productions.

First up is Salt-Water Moon presented by Stage North, followed by Self Help presented by Bridge to Broadway and finally Late Company presented by Spectacular Chair Factory.

We are ecstatic to be reviving the Festival this year! To be able to hone our craft of theatre through competition and adjudication. Thank you to the Peace River Zone board members for your dedication and team work. Thank you, Michael Armstrong for Adjudicating. And thank you, our audience, for joining us for this display of exceptional Canadian Theatre. Your support drives us to continually strive for excellence in the all our productions. Please join us for the coffee critiques, the awards ceremony and reception.

Theatre Eh!

Synopsis of Plays 

Late Company:  Late Company explores restorative justice, cyber bullying and the ever-changing complexities of parenthood in the 21st Century. The parents of a bullied son Joel, who has committed suicide a year earlier, have his teenage tormentor Curtis and his parents over for dinner. Tannahill writes profoundly compelling characters that live in the slipper grey-zone of believability. Late Company twists and turns with dexterous mastery – just when you think you know where things are going, the story lurches in another direction.

Salt-Water Moon:  Jacob Mercers returns to his hometown to win back his former sweetheart’s love. However, she’s getting married in a month. Can he win her back? Should he?

Self Help:  A married, couple of second rate actors re-invent themselves as nationally renowned self-help gurus. Their lives unravel as they try to conceal a body and hold onto their falsely won fame.

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