North Peace Cultural Society AGM

All members are invited to attend the Annual General Meeting of the North Peace Cultural Society on Wednesday, Dec 9th, 2015 at 7 pm. Come hear about the exciting things that the Society is doing at the Centre and it’s plans for the future. There will be Board, Management, and Financial reports for the previous fiscal year. Elections to the Board will follow.  The Board welcomes all members to consider serving on the Board or on various projects that happen throughout the year.

DON’T HAVE A MEMBERSHIP YET? Society Memberships may be purchased in advance through the North Peace Cultural Centre Box Office or by calling 250.785.1992 during regular business hours.You may also purchase your memebership online here.


2015 was a busy year for the North Peace Cultural Society. The December 2014 AGM saw record attendance of over 80 members, and the board was record size as well at 13. We worked hard to seek the community’s input over several community forums. The public asked the North Peace Cultural Society to:

  1. Clarify Focus and Direction

  2. Improve Accessibility to the Centre for ALL

  3. Solidify the Business With Professionalism

  4. Design Financial Security

  5. Multiply Ways to Invite the Community

  6. Expand for Diversity of Experiences

  7. Increase Opportunities for Participation in Centre

  8. Improve User Experiences Through Facility Upgrades

  9. Create Exciting Season With Community Input

We used this input to draft a Policy Manual, a Business Plan, and a Strategic Plan. The North Peace Cultural Centre opened its doors to welcome and showcase the community for Bright Nights in June and Snow Day. This year also saw increased rentals, improved operations, innovative partnerships and stabilized finances. We hired new management and personnel, and sought out board training to be the best we could be.

We ask for your input once more. Please take the time to answer the three questions on the back of this paper and hand it to one of the board members at the end of the AGM.

AGM Questionaire