Demo Day at the ArtsPost

Demo Day on May 7 at the Artspost was a fun hands-on experience for some of
the visitors to Fort St. John. Spouses and partners who come with the
delegates to the Northern Municipalities Conference came to the Artspost for
a morning of creativity. They learned a bit about spinning and weaving, made
pottery bowls and painted mini flower pots that they planted at Dunvegan
Gardens the next day.

Thanks to Norma Currie, Faye Eggleston, Marjo Wheat, Rosemary Landry, Sue
Popesku, Heather Hannaford and Arlene Blair, the visitors got a warm welcome
and messy hands. Sonja Wiebe from the City was on hand to supervise and make sure all the visitors had a good time.Artspost Demo Day 019 (2)