Not for the Faint of Heart!

Professional Ice Carvers brave a bitter north wind to work on their sculptures on the second day of the High on Ice ice carvign competition

For the second year in a row, professional and amateur ice carvers are braving bitter cold to produce the sculptures that always seem to rise above the weather conditions and amaze all of us who are brave enough to walk through the park on a day like this.  The competition started with perfect carving conditions on Friday evening, but it was too good to last and the rest of the weekend promises to be a stern test for the artists.  One has to admire their toughness and perseverence as, again for the second consecutive year, the Ice Carving competition is the only High on Ice event left standing in the face of truly horrible winter conditions.  Let's at least make the Fort St. John welcome warm for these talented visitors; make at least a quick visit to Centennial park on Saturday or Sunday to offer them a word of encouragement and praise for their efforts.