Let’s Celebrate Art and Culture Week!


April 18 – 24 is Arts and Culture Week in British Columbia and we'd like you to join us in celebrating it with our 'Art That Moves You' Bookmark party!

The bookmarks are a spin off of our Art That Moves You program which places original paintings by local artists on the sides of city transit buses. Last year’s theme was “Branching Out”, commemorating Fort St. John as the recipient of the 2009 Forest Capital of BC award. Each year we create bookmarks from the previous year’s panel images which are then launched during BC Arts and Culture Week. They are distributed free of charge to the community via the FSJ Public Library . 

We invite you to join us at the FSJ Public Library at 2pm, April 20.  There you will meet some of the artists who created these panels and have the opportunity to collect all 8 bookmarks, available while supplies last!