High On Ice Competition Winners


The High On Ice Festival’s Professional Ice Carving Competition is known globally as a premier competition for carvers.  The masterpieces created each year by professional and amateur carvers alike offer a unique attraction in Northern British Columbia, Canada.

Please read more to see a full list of this year’s winners.


Professional Team Ice Carving Winners



1st place – Aaron and Sarah Costic "Olympic Flame"

2nd place – Ilya Filimontsev and Alexey Shchitov "Knight On Ice"

3rd place – Christopher and Dennise Heussey "Spiritual Release"



1st place – Dean Murray and Chan Kitburi "Heaven and Earth"

2nd place – Jesse Forrester and David Ducharme "Dream Catcher"

3rd place – Don Long and Stephen Chung "Phases of the Moon"

4th place – Sandis Kondrats and Sue McGrew "Take Flight"

5th place – Tom Pitt and Larry MacFarlane "The Celebration"


People’s Choice Winner

Aaron and Sarah Costic "Olympic Flame"


Media’s Choice Winner

Aaron and Sarah Costic "Olympic Flame"


Single Block Winners

1st place – Aaron Costic “Flight”

2nd place – Christopher Huessy “Aglow”

3rd place – Chan Kitburi “Above Zero”


Amateur Ice Carving Competition Winners

1st place – “Helping Hands” – Sonja Butts, Myles Butts, and Julie Foster

2nd place – “Revive the Spirit”- Kaspar Michel and Grace Okada

3rd place – “Spirit Tower” – Andrew and Charity Blaney

4th place – Joie de Vivre -“Blissful” – Suzon Anne Tremblay, Laurie Petrucci, and Darcy Danczak


Snow Carving Competition Winners

1st place – Les Joyeux Luzons “Bozo” – Suzon Anne Tremblay, Balbir Westaway, and

Noel Westaway

2nd place – Snow Mania “Slip and Slide” – Emily Goodman and Adam Greenwood

3rd place – “True Northern Olympian” – Sandra Chappel and Kyler Forrester


Mayor’s Challenge

1st place – Chetwynd – “Sumi On Speed Skates” – Evan Saugstad and Russ Wilkinson

2nd place – Fort St. John – “Spirit Within Our Hearts” – Bruce Lantz, Lori Ackerman, Trevor Bolin, Bruce Christensen, Don Irwin, and Larry Evans

3rd place – Hudson’s Hope – “Spirit of the Peace” – Daryl Johnson and Lori Johnson


Media Challenge

1st place – Astral Media “The Music Within” – Jay Terrence, Christina Hogarth, Kathy

Mueller, and Beth Morrison

2nd place – Justin Saunders “The Sculpture That is Going to Kick Georges’ A$$”

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