Flower Pot Program

Supporting the arts and making our city a quality place to live are both high priorities of the Fort St. John Community Arts Council. Through the Flowerpot Project we raise funds for further arts development, beautify the city and highlight the wonderful talent of our local visual artists.

The City of Fort St. John assists very generously with this project. They have the pots planted, place them throughout the main streets and look after maintaining the plants throughout the summer.

The flowerpot program began in Fort St. John in 2001 and is part of the ‘Communities in Bloom’ initiative to make our city a unique and beautiful place to live, work, and play. Local artists, including junior and high school students paint 50 new flowerpots, which join the 75 pots from the previous year. Each spring 50 pots from the previous two years, are auctioned off to the public for their own use and enjoyment. During the summer months you will find 125 flowerpots positioned in the downtown core and at the airport. During the Spring, the Arts Council holds its Annual FlowerPot Auction in Centennial Park where 50 pots are available for you to bid on your favorites! The flowerpots will brighten any yard, not to mention that they are original pieces of art!

The flowerpots are sponsored at $100 each, with the proceeds going towards the Fort St. John Arts Council.The generous support of the sponsors will continue to enrich the arts community including our youth.

To sponsor a pot or to paint a pot, contact us!


Flower Pot Auction – Date to be announced (slated to be in early June)


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