Posting Guidelines

Welcome members!  This is where you may post information about your group’s upcoming events.  In order for your information to be published, it’s important that you have included the following information:

-What the event, workshop, meeting is all about



-How much it costs

-How to register

-Must include a contact person to whom questions may be directed (including a phone number and/or email address)

 To submit an article:

1. Select ‘My Blog Dashboard’ under the ‘Manage Your Blog’ heading

2. Select the ‘Write New Entry’ tab (green tab).  Fill in your article’s title in the appropriate box and then your information in the text box below it.  

3. You may add photos (JPEG format) by selecting ‘Images and Documents’ on the right hand menu. 

4. Finally, click on ‘Save’ and voila!  You have submitted your article!  (Please note that your article must be approved by the editor before being posted).

 Please note that approved articles will be included in the Weekly Arts Update which is an automatically generated e-newsletter sent to the Arts Council contact who are registered to recieve it.  This e-newsletter is sent Tuesdays at 1pm (PST).  In order to ensure your information is included with the current weeks’s e-newsletter, it is recommended that articles be submitted no later than Tuesdays at 8am.

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