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Left to right: Justice Adelsat, Savannah Lagace, Taliyah Herele, Tenishia Yahey

The Arts Council was delighted to partner with young artists from the Doig and Blueberry First Nations to create designs for our 2022 Banner Project. This in an annual project in partnership with the City of Fort St. John.

The banners are beautiful and can be seen flying high on the streets of Fort St. John. Many thanks to the elders and organizers from the two First Nations for making this project possible and connecting us with their talented artists.

Welcome Banners

Mayor and City Councillors got a sneak peak at a new set of banners as the Fort St. John Arts Council launched a campaign to Welcome Visitors to the Downtown Core at City Hall recently. Participating stores, restaurants and offices will receive a banner of their choice for their front window PLUS volunteers from WL Construction will wash their front windows right prior to the BC Winter Games opening in February 2020. The banners say Fort St. John Opens Doors to Opportunity, to Natural Wonders, to Adventure and to Creativity. The banners were designed by local artist Harriet Stanford who also designed the colorful, sports, street banners this year.

Artwalk – Invitation to Artists

You are invited to be one of the artists to display your work in the 4rd Annual Artwalk in Fort St. John organized by the Fort St. John Community Arts Council in cooperation with Peace Gallery North in the North Peace Cultural Centre. Please register by April 20, 2016.                                        

ARTWALK 2016: For eight weeks (May 14-July 16), your ORIGINAL art work can be displayed in a participating business in downtown Fort St. John. More than 30 shops will be invited to participate this year. A flyer will be published for residents and visitors to find the locations of all of the participating venues. Peace Gallery North in the North Peace Cultural Centre is the centre-point of Artwalk 2016, which will open in time to welcome the 1500 expected visitors for the Performing Arts BC Festival at the end of May and continue into the summer to attract travellers into the downtown core.

A SMALL FEE:  There is a small fee of $20 to enter in order to provide advertising and the walking tour flyers. No commission will be deducted on works sold. Artists handle their own sales by the customer contacting the artist directly. Sold works can remain in place until the end of the walk or be replaced by another piece of work immediately upon removal.

VENUE:  Matching the artists with participating venues is the responsibility of the organizing group (Arts Council).


  • Provide up to 4 works of your ORIGINAL art, depending on the size and space available, (with easels if required) for the entire length of the Artwalk.
  • Pieces you wish to sell to be marked priced with what you wish to receive (tax included). We strongly advise that you price 2 pieces or as many as you can since viewers are eager to buy.
  • Attach the following information to each piece of artwork: Artist’s name, title, medium, price or NFS
  • Provide a brief bio and brief artist’s statement to be displayed with your work and on the internet.
  • Provide a number of calling cards for customers to take in order for them to contact you about sales.


By May 4: Drop into your assigned venue to introduce yourself and discuss set up area and required stands/platforms which you will need to supply.

By May 11: Deliver your work, and help set up where applicable in the venue no later than May 13.

TAKE DOWN: Remove all artwork and stands/platforms by July 20 and thank the business owner and relate any suggestions/comments to the organizing committee.

WAIVER: While every effort will be made to keep artwork safe from loss, theft, damage or other such occurrences, each participation (artist and shop) is required to sign a release waiver by May 14, 2016 against any action taken in case of such mishaps.

FORT ST. JOHN COMMUNITY ARTS COUNCIL                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Box 6474, Fort St. John BC, V1J 4H9                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    250-787-2781

Artist Registration and waiver 2016

2016 Banner Project – Call to Artists



THE FORT ST. JOHN COMMUNITY ARTS COUNCIL REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS (RFP) 4 images of a PERFORMING ARTS THEME FOR 2016 to be professionally transferred to street banners for downtown Fort St. John, B.C.

The PROJECT TIMELINE is:                

  • NOVEMBER 2015 Call for Artists
  • JANUARY 9, 2016   Deadline for Applications
  • JANUARY 23, 2016 Selection of Artist
  • MARCH 15, 2016       Final artwork submitted (4 designs)


  • To celebrate a Performing Arts BC Festival in May 2016 in Fort St. John, the Fort St. John Arts Council is creating an artistic opportunity for a local artist. Participants from many communities in the province will be coming to Fort St. John for the provincial festival in 2016.


  • Proposals should provide examples of previous work and indicate knowledge of design to enlarging the images with detail and clarity. Selection will be based on past work that appears to be suitable and easily translated onto a banner.



  • One local artist will be selected to create 4 designs that will be professionally transferred onto quality street banners to be displayed during the summer months of 2016. The banners remain the property of the Arts Council and will eventually be transformed into other uses. Sponsorships will be solicited to cover the cost of the banners.
  • Building on the success of the 2015 banners, the Fort St. John Community Arts Council is once again coordinating the street banners for the City of Fort St. John for the second year.
  • THE PLACE   The City of Fort St. John hangs street banners each summer on the light posts along the main streets. The Fort St. John Community Arts Council is offering to provide 52 new banners with 4 images of a theme of “HIGH PERFORMANCE, the PERFORMING ARTS”, for the summer of 2016. One design including all the sponsors’ names will also be required. Banners will hang May – Nov., 2016.
  • The banner dimensions is approximately 30” X 60” with a 2” bleed. The exact dimensions will be available to the selected artist with more detail from the banner printing company.
  • Selected artwork will be graphic, bright, and bold. Examples are available at and/or   www.bigboldbeautifulbanner.comELIGIBILITY   This opportunity is open to artists and graphic designers residing in North Peace Region of British Columbia including students and faculty of Universities or Colleges.
  • LIABILITY The final accepted artwork will become the property of the Fort St. John Community Arts Council.  The Application process includes a letter of intent and supporting material that illustrates your artwork.Fort St. John Community Arts Council,   Box 6474. Fort St. John, BC V1J 4H9
  • FOR FURTHER INFORMATION or questions about this program, please call or email the Fort St. John Community Arts Council at or 250-785-6214Banners shown above are the 2015 Banners designed by Fort St. John Artist Alan White which also appear in the holding room at the North Peace Regional Airport. 

Submit proposals and supporting material by January 9, 2016 to:


SELECTION CRITERIA   The Committee of the Fort St. John Community Arts Council will select an artist as evidenced by their proposal. Consideration will be given to past work and other supporting materials. Successful applicant will be notified via e-mail.

COSTING    Artists are responsible for all associated expenses related to design. Each of the 4 images will be related to the theme but different in design. An honorarium of $500 will be paid to the artist.

Banners for City Streets

Sample of beautiful banners designed by Alan White for the 2015 Banner project.


The Fort St. John Community Arts Council is offering street banners for the light posts to the City of Fort St. John as no cost to the City. The first year of the project, the Art Council plans to select a local artist who will design 6 images that will be professionally transferred to appropriate banner material by a professional company. The Arts Council will been searching for sponsorship for this program but will not be making any money on this project. It is not a fundraising program. It is a program to help enhance the downtown core of Fort St. John.


  • To provide local artists an opportunity to showcase their work.
  • To assist the community through adding to the Revitalization of the Downtown Core.
  • To feature major events and happenings in Fort St. John.
  • To stimulate other community groups to participate in enhancing the community.


The Project: An open call to all local artist with a specific set of guidelines will be sent out with a deadline for submission. One specific artist will be chosen for each year through an adjudication process. The chosen artist will design different images of the theme chosen for that year. Sponsorships will be sought to cover the cost of the project. Sponsors will be acknowledged by listing them all on a few banners that will be interspersed among the street poles as the banners are mounted. No year will be on the banners so banners that survive the elements can be used in subsequent years.

Banners:  The theme for summer of 2015  “Take Flight” to showcase the 2015 Airshow scheduled for July 2015 and artist Alan White was chosen to design the banners.  In 2016 the theme will relate to Performing Arts to promote the Performing Arts BC Provincial Festival in Fort St. John that year and, in 2017, the 75th Anniversary of the Building of the Alaska Highway will be featured.

Potential of Used Banners: The banners are the property of the Fort St. John Arts Council and can be used again as street banners or may be redesigned for other purposes such as indoor hangings, sewn into tote bags, or other creative means of recycling.