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New Season of Tapping Into Talent

Hello Everyone,
I hope everyone has had a great summer so far. As we head into what feels like Fall already, I am busy trying to get our show up and moving again. I am hoping to see our past performers and hopefully lot’s of new faces join us in helping our seniors look forward to some entertainment throughout the months where being outside is a challenge. It is always a little slow getting started again after the summer but, I am hoping we can start our first show back off with a bang. Let’s make it a great show for those that have been waiting patiently for us to return. Yes, you were missed and I had several asking for us to continue through the summer. 
We intend to run from September through to May, as June is a very challenging month as well with many headed away on holidays. That makes only 9 shows a year!!! Let’s make them remarkable and give our wonderful seniors some well deserved smiles.
(Apartment 4 9908 108 Ave FSJ North Peace Seniors Housing)
 Tapping Into Talent is in the process of getting our shows scheduled for the upcoming months.
 Our first show back is scheduled for September 25th 2:00pm
October’s show is scheduled for October 23rd
Looking forward to hearing from you all again and enjoying seeing you perform.
So let’s get started give me a call and let’s show our seniors some love 🙂
Call/text Denise at 250 263 1492 (only contact # now)
Or email me at and ask to be put on our mailing list.
You can also join our page on facebook Tapping Into Talent. Lot’s of great video of past shows and amazing talent