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Art in the Park


The Fort St. John Community Arts Council, with the support of the City of Fort St. John, organizes the annual Art in the Park exhibition on July 1, as part of the Canada Day Celebrations at Centennial Park. Art in the Park showcases and celebrates the talent and diversity of local artists. Awareness and appreciation of the thriving arts community is central to the philosophy of Art in the Park.

First started in 2001, as part of the BC Festival of the Arts held in Fort St. John, Art in the Park inspires hands-on involvement in the arts. The event is enjoyed by the residents of Fort St. John at all age levels and is a highly popular part of the Canada Day Celebrations. Art in the Park consists of two programs: the Local Artists’ Show and Sale and the Children’s Art Activities.

The Artists’ Show and Sale features the work of local artists and frequently include displays of pottery, stained glass, photography, candle-making, quilting, Spinning & Weaving, Doll Making, jewelry, Pastel Art, Oil Painting, Water Colour Painting, Sketching, Children’s Art from the local Fine Arts School, and Tactile Inspired Art, and more!  The Children’s Art Activities is where little ones can paste, paint and create mini-masterpieces.  This hands on activity centre is a must-see attraction!

Click Here for a registration form for the Artist Show and Sale.



Scholarships and Bursaries

Lindsay Dumaine Memorial Scholarship

The Lindsay Dumaine Scholarship Music Fund started in 1993 to assist young people who are pursuing music education. Since that time, the Arts Council has included a performing arts scholarship and has recently created a visual arts scholarship. Three yearly scholarships are presented at the Graduation Ceremonies at North Peace Secondary School to students who are pursuing further education in music, visual arts and performing arts following graduation from high school.

The seed money for the original Lindsay Dumaine Memorial Music Scholarship was contributed by the Ray Dumaine family after their son Lindsay was killed in an auto accident in 1992. Past recipients have been very grateful for this support towards their musical and performing arts endeavours.

The Arts Council has added funds yearly to the original contribution of $1,315, which has now grown to $ 12,250. From 1999 – 2004, the interest has provided two scholarship awards of $250/each to the Lindsay Dumaine Scholarship for Music and the Lindsay Dumaine Scholarship for Performing Arts. In 2006, a third award for Visual Arts was included and the amount of each of the awards was increased to $300 per student.

Donations to increase the Scholarship fund are welcome and donors will receive a tax-deductible receipt. The Arts Council plans to continually increase the scholarship to add more deserving students to the list of recipients.

Dumaine Memorial Scholarship for Music – Past Recipients

Dumaine Scholarship for Music started in June 1993

2009   Christopher Young
2008   n/a

Jeffrey Kouwenhoven



Dana Pederson



Trevor Thorlakson



Mike Thomas



Gabrielle Odowichuk



Chris Barak



Laura Shrum



Jody Peck



Heather Mackie



no student continuing on Music – awarded as a Dumaine Memorial Scholarship For Performing Arts



Sheldon Stanley



Stephen Koshurba






Rebecca Bell



Teresa Ritchie

Dumaine Memorial Scholarship for Performing Arts – Past Recipients

Dumaine Scholarship for Performing Arts started in June 1998

2009   Emily Nadeau-Howatt

Danielle Truscott


Chalene Scott



Steven Andrews



Joel Lahaye (Drama/Musical Theatre)



Angela Gladysz (Watt School of Irish Dance)



Lyndsey Schneider (Studio 2 Stage – Dancer)



Aubyn Petryshyn (Drama)



Aisling Watt (Watt School of Irish Dance)



Amanda O’Toole (Watt School of Irish Dance)



Angela Ohland



Grant Sutherland

Dumaine Memorial Scholarship for Visual Arts – Past Recipients

Dumaine Scholarship for Visual Arts started in 2006

2009   Staci Nyffeler
2008   Tahlia Ollenberger
2007   Kayla Demers



Dana Pederson


North Peace Secondary School Fine Arts Bursaries

Every year, the Fort St. John Community Arts Council presents three bursaries of $100/student to three students at North Peace Secondary School. One bursary is given for the strands, Performing Arts, Music and Visual Arts, and is presented at the June Awards Ceremony at North Peace Secondary School. The bursaries are presented to students who demonstrate commitment and enthusiasm towards their art program.


Northern Lights College Creative Writing Bursaries

Every year, the Fort St. John Community Arts Council presents two bursaries to Northern Lights College students who are excel in the Creative Writing and the Visual Arts Programs. The award is $150/student and is presented at the yearly awards ceremony in April at Northern Lights College.

Thank You for Becoming an Arts Council Member

Congratulations!  You are now a member of the coolest, most creative, and enlightened group in all of Fort St. John.  We welcome you to join us for the Regular Arts Council meetings which take place on the third Wednesday of each month (excluding July and August) from 12pm – 1pm at the ArtsPost (10320 – 94th Avenue).

Soon you will be sent your login and password information.  The you will be free to post on the website. Be sure to check out the ‘Manage Your Blog’ section as well as ‘Member Info’ which includes the Arts Council’s Constitution and Bylaws, Policies, and Meeting Minutes from
previous Regular Arts Council meetings.

FSJCAC Constitution and Bylaws

Original Constitution dated March 1969      COPY OF ORIGINAL WITH SEAL AND SIGNATURE in Arts Council files
Filed and Registered 18603940 Jun 11, 1970 A.H.Hall Registrar of Companies       Soc #8837 Fees $24.00
By-Laws Resolutions Registered 221069383 Nov. 15, 1976 M.A.Jorre de St Jorre Registrar of Comp
“Societies Act”
ARTICLE 1 – NAME         
                         The name of the Society is “The Community Arts Council of Fort St. John.”
                         The objects of this Society shall be to increase and broaden the opportunities for Fort St.
         John and district citizens to enjoy and to participate in cultural activities, and shall include
         the following activities:
Province OF British Columbia
I hereby Certifythat The Community Arts council of Fort St. John incorporated on the eleventh day of June, one thousand nine hundred and seventy, under Certificate No. 8837 Soc. has pursuant to the “Society Act” altered its objects and that its objects now are:
2. (a)     To help co-ordinate the work and progress of cultural groups in the Fort St. John area; and in the event that the Society is wound up or dissolved, to transfer the assets of the Society remaining after payment of all debts and liabilities to the Fort St. John Public Library Association, or if that organization is not in existence or is not a recognized charitable organization at the time of dissolution or winding up of the Society, then to another recognized charitable organization or organization, in the Province of British Columbia, or elsewhere in Canada, as directed by the members of the Society; and this provision with respect to dissolution and winding up shall be and is unalterable.
  (b)      To stimulate and encourage the development of cultural projects and activities.
    (c)       To render service to all participating groups.
   (d)       To act as a clearing house for information on cultural projects and activities.
   (e)       To foster interest and pride in the cultural heritage of this community.
   (f)        To interpret the work of cultural groups of the community, enlist public interest and promote
                public understanding.
   (g)       To bring to the attention of civic and provincial authorities the cultural needs of this community.
GIVEN under my hand and seal of office at Victoria, B.C. this twentieth day of October, one thousand nine hundred and seventy six. M.A. JORRE DE ST JORRE Registrar of Companies.
                The operations of the Society are to be chiefly carried on in the area known as Fort St. John, in
                the Province of British Columbia.
Membership in the Community Arts Council of Fort St. John shall include organizations and individuals engaged in or interested in cultural activities, subscribing to the above objects and paying the annual dues set forth.
                Annual fees for all classes of membership in the Community Arts Council of Fort St. John shall be determined from time to time by the Board of Directors.
                The Fiscal Year of the Society shall end on the 30th day of June each year.
                By the deletion of all of Paragraph A of Article and by substituting therefore the following:
(a)    The director of the Society shall be:
“President, Vice-President, Secretary of Advocacy, Secretary of Minutes, and Treasurer. No person may hold any single office more than two (2) successive years unless there is a unanimous vote in favour of the incumbent.”
(b)   There shall be a Board of Directors which shall be made up of the officers, the Past President and at least three (3) members at large elected by the General Meeting.
(a)    The Directors of the Society shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting each year, shall take office immediately and shall hold office for two years.
(b)   At least four weeks prior to the Annual General Meeting the director of the Society shall appoint a nominating committee which shall consist of three (3) members of the Society.
(c)    The Nominating Committee shall prepare a slate of Directors for the ensuing year and shall report the same at the Annual Meeting; providing that nominations may be made from the floor at the Annual Meeting and, when properly seconded, such names shall be added to those recommended by the Nominating Committee.
(d)   Consent of a nominee for election as a Director of the Society must be obtained before his nomination.
ARTICLE   9 – Replacement and Removal of Directors
(a)    Vacancies in directorships may be filled by the surviving Directors as they occur from among the qualified members of the Society.
(b)   The Society may by extraordinary resolution remove any Officer or Director before the expiration of his period of office and may by ordinary resolution appoint another member of the Society in his place. The extraordinary resolution shall be a resolution passed by a majority of not less than three-fourths of the members present at a General Meeting of the Society of which not less than fourteen (14) days written notice has been given stating the resolution to be presented.
(a)    The duties of the Directors of the Society shall be such as are ordinarily performed and discharged by the respective directors.
(b)   The Board of Directors shall be responsible for carrying on the business and activities of the Society.
(a)    An Executive Director or Executive Secretary may be appointed by the Board of Directors and shall hold office at its pleasure.
(b)   Upon appointment, the Executive Director or Executive Secretary shall attend meetings of the Board of Directors but shall have no vote.
(c)    Upon appointment, the Executive Director or Executive Secretary shall, with the approval of the Board of Directors, appoint such additional staff as may be required to carry out the activities of the Society.
(d)   Remuneration of the Executive Director or Executive Secretary and other members of the staff shall be fixed by the Board of Directors.
(a)    The Executive shall create committees as required from time to time to ensure the efficient operation of the affairs of the Society.
(b)   Chairmen of these committees shall be chosen by the Directors.
(c)    Chairmen of each committee shall appoint the members of his or her committees.
(a)    The Annual General Meeting of the Society shall be held in the month of September in each year, upon a date and at a time to be set by the Directors of the Society.
(b)   Special General Meetings may be called by the Executive Committee at any time.
(c)    At least seven days written notice of all Annual and General Meetings of the Council shall be given the members, specifying the time and place of such meeting.
(d)   At all General Meetings of the Society each individual member in good standing who is personally present, shall be entitled to one vote; and a delegated representative, if personally present, of each Organization Member in good standing, shall be entitled to one vote.
(e)   No business shall be transacted at any Annual or Special Meeting unless a quorum consisting of at least five members entitled to vote shall be present.
(f)     Meetings of the Board of Directors shall be held from time to time at the call of the President.
(g)    At least twenty-four (24) hours notice shall be given of all meetings of the Board of Directors’.
(h)   No business shall be transacted at any meeting of the Board of Directors unless a quorum consisting of one-third (1/3) of the Directors entitled to vote shall be present.
(i)     If ten (10) members of the Society shall, in writing, request the calling of a Special General Meeting, specifying therein the object for which such a meeting is called, the Secretary must call said meeting forthwith.
                Preparation and custody of minutes of proceeding of General meetings of the Society, meetings
 of the Board of Directors, and of the Committee, also preparation and custody of
other books, records and accounts, shall be the responsibility of the Secretary or Treasurer, but
this responsibility may be delegated to the Executive Director or Executive Secretary.
ARTICLE   15 –
(a)    All funds raised by donations, raffles, lotteries, admission charges, and the sale of goods and services, or otherwise, by the Society, or any of its sections or committees, acting as such, shall be considered general funds of the Society, and subject to the accounting procedures approved by the Board of Directors.
(b)   All funds expended by the Society or by any of its sections or committee, acting as such, shall be considered general expenditures of the Society, and be subject to the approval of the Board of Directors and to the accounting procedures approved by the board.
The Board of Directors may, upon a three-fourths majority vote, raise or borrow any sum or sums of money for the purposes of the Society either at one time, or from time to time, and at such rate of interest, and in such manner and form, and upon such security as shall be specified
in such resolution; and for this purpose may mortgage, pledge, hypothecate and charge all or any part of the property of the Society now held or hereafter to be acquired; provided however that in no case shall debentures be issued by the Society without the sanction of an extraordinary resolution of the Society.
The accounts of the Society shall as soon as practicable after the end of each fiscal year be examined, and their correctness ascertained by one or more auditor or auditors, who shall be appointed annually at the Annual Meeting.
All books, accounts and records of the Society shall be open for inspection by the officers and directors at all reasonable times and for inspection by members of the Society in good standing upon application to the Board of Directors at such times and places as the Board of Directors shall deem fit.
This Constitution may be added to, altered or amended by an extraordinary resolution by a two-thirds majority of the members present at any annual or General Meeting of the Society, provided that notice of such addition , alteration or amendment shall have been mailed to the members, in writing, at least fourteen (14) days prior to such a meeting.

Policy Manual


The Fort St. John Community Arts Council is working for a better community by supporting and developing the arts and culture. We strive to facilitate Fort St. John residents to reach and expand their potential through the arts, advocate for the arts, artists, and arts groups in Fort St. John, network and connect with all those interested and concerned about the arts, promote the role of the arts in building the quality of life and enhancing positive lifestyles, educate the public about the arts as well as market the arts and artists in and around Fort St. John.

The membership of the Fort St. John Community Arts Council consists of organizations, businesses, and individuals engaged in cultural activities in the North Peace Region.

  • Pay annual membership dues in September of each year – $75/business, $50/group, $10/individual. New members may join at anytime throughout the year. Each member, including members of the Board are subject to membership fees.

  • Designate a representative from the group to be responsible to relay Arts Council information to the group and to bring a member group report to the Arts Council meeting.  A set amount of time is reserved for member group reports. The member group reports are a highlight of the Arts Council meetings as it promotes awareness among the arts groups as to upcoming ‘Calendar of Events’ and possible collaborative support between arts groups.

  • Member Group reports at the monthly meetings are to be submitted by email or submitted by writing and should provide current information. The information provided will be used for arts publications (eg. newspapers, newsletters, FSJCAC website, calendar of events, etc). 

  • Member Groups are to appoint a delegate to act as a liaison to the Art Council. This representative must agree that the Arts Council may share their contact information should individuals or organizations inquire about their group. (Please see Contact Information Waiver).

  • Attend the monthly Arts Council meetings (10 per year)

  • Acknowledge your membership in the Arts Council by including “Proud to be a Member of the Fort St. John Community Arts Council” on all promotional material.

  • At the AGM in September, it is requested that each group submit copies of promotional material and media releases from the past calendar year to the Arts Council Executive Director. The material is used to support the Grant-in-Aid Request to the City of Fort St. John.

  • Support the Arts Council by serving or having member group members serve on the Arts Council Board of Directors or Committees from time to time.

  • Participate in Arts Council programs throughout the year when possible. Cooperate and support other arts groups and individuals to make their events successful (eg. encourage the public to attend).


The Cultural Services Branch of the Ministry of Small Business, Tourism and Culture provides a basic assistance annually to each Arts Council in BC calculated on the distance from Victoria and the latest population statistics of Fort St. John (census 2001). The Ministry requires a formal application that is due on September 30th, complete with current budget, last financial statement, and a detailed submission from each Arts Council member group requesting assistance.
Each member group of the Fort St. John Community Arts Council in good standing for one year is eligible to apply to the Arts Council for financial assistance.
The amount of funds distributed each year by the Arts Council corresponds to the amount of assistance received from the City of Fort St. John.
The financial assistance from the Arts Council should be used for workshops, training, resource materials (books, DVDs, music), promotional material, printing, space use, or conference registration. Financial assistance can not be applied to travel, capital equipment, and costumes or uniforms.
The latest financial statements of each group requesting assistance must accompany the application.
No group can receive more than $1000.00 in any one year.
No group can receive more than 35% of the group’s proposed budget in any one year.
Groups receiving assistance must acknowledge the Arts Council assistance in promotional material and programs printed for the event during the year.
All funds must be used by April 1 the following year that they are granted (eg. The 2008-2009 grant must be used by April 1, 2010. All unused funds return to the Arts Council general account.
In accordance with Revenue Canada, groups with charity tax numbers receive a cheque in full for the approved grant. Groups without charity tax numbers must submit bills to be paid only to the source of the billing and not to the group.
A grant of $500.00 may be designated to Peace Gallery North for an exhibit and the North Peace Cultural Centre for training/workshops upon receipt of an application.
Any group directly receiving Cultural Services Branch or institutional funding support is not eligible for granting assistance from the Arts Council (eg. Public Library, NLC, School District, Historical Society). However, special projects may be considered from other sections of the Arts Council Budget.
A contingency amount can be allocated for later use in the year for groups with unforeseen expenditures such as representing Fort St. John in other communities.
Adjudication of Requests:
The Adjudication Meeting in September is set by the Board of Directors in June and
outlined in the letter with the application distributed to each group. Grant applications are due no later than the FSJCAC AGM.
Each group has one vote at the meeting and each Board Member has one vote. No one
person can have two votes at the Adjudication Meeting. The number of members and
associates who can attend the Adjudication Meeting is unlimited.
A list of requests including each group’s proposed budget, percentage of budget
Requested and previous grant amount will be supplied to all attendees at the beginning of
the Adjudication Meeting. The Treasurer of the Arts Council will preside over the meeting.
The criteria for allocating financial assistance to member groups includes the following:
1.       The impact of the group on the community
2.       Number of members in the group
3.       Do members make money with the group?
4.       What percentage of their budget is requested? (Maximum is 35%)
5.       What fund-raising effort a potential does the group have?
6.       Is the group new and developing?
7.       Does the group cooperate with other art groups?
8.       Does the group acknowledge the Arts Council and City of Fort St. John as a support system?
9.       Does the group participate in the Arts Council meetings and events.
10.   Does the group support more than their own discipline in the arts development in the community?