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Creativity Counts


Arts funding in British Columbia has been devastated by recent cuts by the provincial government.  The government’s own service plans indicate further cuts of more than 90 percent for 2010 / 2011.

Join thousands of other British Columbians in letting your government know that this is not acceptable.

The government Standing Committee on Finance has recommended that arts funding be restored to 2008 / 2009 levels. All we ask is that they act on their own committee’s advice. Letters and postcards to Premier Gordon Campbell, his ministers, and your MLA, and other information and direct action ideas are all available at …

Flower Pot Program

Supporting the arts and making our city a quality place to live are both high priorities of the Fort St. John Community Arts Council. Through the Flowerpot Project we raise funds for further arts development, beautify the city and highlight the wonderful talent of our local visual artists.

The City of Fort St. John assists very generously with this project. They have the pots planted, place them throughout the main streets and look after maintaining the plants throughout the summer.

The flowerpot program began in Fort St. John in 2001 and is part of the ‘Communities in Bloom’ initiative to make our city a unique and beautiful place to live, work, and play. Local artists, including junior and high school students paint 50 new flowerpots, which join the 75 pots from the previous year. Each spring 50 pots from the previous two years, are auctioned off to the public for their own use and enjoyment. During the summer months you will find 125 flowerpots positioned in the downtown core and at the airport. During the Spring, the Arts Council holds its Annual FlowerPot Auction in Centennial Park where 50 pots are available for you to bid on your favorites! The flowerpots will brighten any yard, not to mention that they are original pieces of art!

The flowerpots are sponsored at $100 each, with the proceeds going towards the Fort St. John Arts Council.The generous support of the sponsors will continue to enrich the arts community including our youth.

To sponsor a pot or to paint a pot, contact us!


Flower Pot Auction – Date to be announced (slated to be in early June)


Art in the Park


The Fort St. John Community Arts Council, with the support of the City of Fort St. John, organizes the annual Art in the Park exhibition on July 1, as part of the Canada Day Celebrations at Centennial Park. Art in the Park showcases and celebrates the talent and diversity of local artists. Awareness and appreciation of the thriving arts community is central to the philosophy of Art in the Park.

First started in 2001, as part of the BC Festival of the Arts held in Fort St. John, Art in the Park inspires hands-on involvement in the arts. The event is enjoyed by the residents of Fort St. John at all age levels and is a highly popular part of the Canada Day Celebrations. Art in the Park consists of two programs: the Local Artists’ Show and Sale and the Children’s Art Activities.

The Artists’ Show and Sale features the work of local artists and frequently include displays of pottery, stained glass, photography, candle-making, quilting, Spinning & Weaving, Doll Making, jewelry, Pastel Art, Oil Painting, Water Colour Painting, Sketching, Children’s Art from the local Fine Arts School, and Tactile Inspired Art, and more!  The Children’s Art Activities is where little ones can paste, paint and create mini-masterpieces.  This hands on activity centre is a must-see attraction!

Click Here for a registration form for the Artist Show and Sale.



Scholarships and Bursaries

Lindsay Dumaine Memorial Scholarship

The Lindsay Dumaine Scholarship Music Fund started in 1993 to assist young people who are pursuing music education. Since that time, the Arts Council has included a performing arts scholarship and has recently created a visual arts scholarship. Three yearly scholarships are presented at the Graduation Ceremonies at North Peace Secondary School to students who are pursuing further education in music, visual arts and performing arts following graduation from high school.

The seed money for the original Lindsay Dumaine Memorial Music Scholarship was contributed by the Ray Dumaine family after their son Lindsay was killed in an auto accident in 1992. Past recipients have been very grateful for this support towards their musical and performing arts endeavours.

The Arts Council has added funds yearly to the original contribution of $1,315, which has now grown to $ 12,250. From 1999 – 2004, the interest has provided two scholarship awards of $250/each to the Lindsay Dumaine Scholarship for Music and the Lindsay Dumaine Scholarship for Performing Arts. In 2006, a third award for Visual Arts was included and the amount of each of the awards was increased to $300 per student.

Donations to increase the Scholarship fund are welcome and donors will receive a tax-deductible receipt. The Arts Council plans to continually increase the scholarship to add more deserving students to the list of recipients.

Dumaine Memorial Scholarship for Music – Past Recipients

Dumaine Scholarship for Music started in June 1993

2009   Christopher Young
2008   n/a

Jeffrey Kouwenhoven



Dana Pederson



Trevor Thorlakson



Mike Thomas



Gabrielle Odowichuk



Chris Barak



Laura Shrum



Jody Peck



Heather Mackie



no student continuing on Music – awarded as a Dumaine Memorial Scholarship For Performing Arts



Sheldon Stanley



Stephen Koshurba






Rebecca Bell



Teresa Ritchie

Dumaine Memorial Scholarship for Performing Arts – Past Recipients

Dumaine Scholarship for Performing Arts started in June 1998

2009   Emily Nadeau-Howatt

Danielle Truscott


Chalene Scott



Steven Andrews



Joel Lahaye (Drama/Musical Theatre)



Angela Gladysz (Watt School of Irish Dance)



Lyndsey Schneider (Studio 2 Stage – Dancer)



Aubyn Petryshyn (Drama)



Aisling Watt (Watt School of Irish Dance)



Amanda O’Toole (Watt School of Irish Dance)



Angela Ohland



Grant Sutherland

Dumaine Memorial Scholarship for Visual Arts – Past Recipients

Dumaine Scholarship for Visual Arts started in 2006

2009   Staci Nyffeler
2008   Tahlia Ollenberger
2007   Kayla Demers



Dana Pederson


North Peace Secondary School Fine Arts Bursaries

Every year, the Fort St. John Community Arts Council presents three bursaries of $100/student to three students at North Peace Secondary School. One bursary is given for the strands, Performing Arts, Music and Visual Arts, and is presented at the June Awards Ceremony at North Peace Secondary School. The bursaries are presented to students who demonstrate commitment and enthusiasm towards their art program.


Northern Lights College Creative Writing Bursaries

Every year, the Fort St. John Community Arts Council presents two bursaries to Northern Lights College students who are excel in the Creative Writing and the Visual Arts Programs. The award is $150/student and is presented at the yearly awards ceremony in April at Northern Lights College.

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