A Creative Hub For Fort St. John

The Arts Council is working to bring a Creative Hub to Fort St. John. A Creative Hub will be a transformative place for Fort St. John. The facility will catalyze cultural development in the community by providing a unique and interesting place for multicultural expression, innovation, and community connection.

It will be a sustainable facility in which artists, artisans, performers, musicians, and other creators can ply their crafts. The facility will become a key community asset that encourages the creation of high-quality art and broader community interest in the arts. The community and professional artists will be drawn to the facility through engaging public programming and animation, exciting community events, and enriching educational opportunities.

Guiding Principles for the New Facility

> Seven guiding principles for the new creative hub were developed based on input received from the Steering Committee and project stakeholders. It is envisioned the new creative hub will:
> Promote excellence in artistic endeavours and support the creation of high-quality art.
> Provide spaces that will enable local arts organizations to grow their memberships and programs.
> Be a highly accessible facility that welcomes patrons of all abilities, cultures, and means.
> Be a place that encourages collaboration, innovation, education, and professional development among the arts community.
> Be sustainably operated to ensure the facility remains viable over the long term.
> Be governed with strong input from artists to ensure the needs of the creative community are being met.
> Support broader community development, arts education, economic development, tourism development, and enhancement to the quality of life in Fort St. John and the surrounding region.