Banners for City Streets

Sample of beautiful banners designed by Alan White for the 2015 Banner project.


The Fort St. John Community Arts Council is offering street banners for the light posts to the City of Fort St. John as no cost to the City. The first year of the project, the Art Council plans to select a local artist who will design 6 images that will be professionally transferred to appropriate banner material by a professional company. The Arts Council will been searching for sponsorship for this program but will not be making any money on this project. It is not a fundraising program. It is a program to help enhance the downtown core of Fort St. John.


  • To provide local artists an opportunity to showcase their work.
  • To assist the community through adding to the Revitalization of the Downtown Core.
  • To feature major events and happenings in Fort St. John.
  • To stimulate other community groups to participate in enhancing the community.


The Project: An open call to all local artist with a specific set of guidelines will be sent out with a deadline for submission. One specific artist will be chosen for each year through an adjudication process. The chosen artist will design different images of the theme chosen for that year. Sponsorships will be sought to cover the cost of the project. Sponsors will be acknowledged by listing them all on a few banners that will be interspersed among the street poles as the banners are mounted. No year will be on the banners so banners that survive the elements can be used in subsequent years.

Banners:  The theme for summer of 2015  “Take Flight” to showcase the 2015 Airshow scheduled for July 2015 and artist Alan White was chosen to design the banners.  In 2016 the theme will relate to Performing Arts to promote the Performing Arts BC Provincial Festival in Fort St. John that year and, in 2017, the 75th Anniversary of the Building of the Alaska Highway will be featured.

Potential of Used Banners: The banners are the property of the Fort St. John Arts Council and can be used again as street banners or may be redesigned for other purposes such as indoor hangings, sewn into tote bags, or other creative means of recycling.