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Performing Arts on Display at Festival

The 2012 Peace River North Festival of the Arts kick off bright and early on Sunday, April 15, the start of a week of performances by young artists in Piano, Guitar & Banjo, Strings, Voice & Choir, Instruments & Band, Speech and Dance. Sessions run all day at the North Peace Cultural Centre and are open to the public at a cost of $3.00 per session.

The Festival winds up with the “Best of the Fest” Honours Concert on Sunday, April 22, which features the top performances from each division as selected by the adjudicators. It is a showcase of talented young performing artists who have worked hard all year to hone their skills. Tickets are $12.00 for adults and $6.00 for children and seniors and can be purchased through the Cultural Centre box office.


Sunday, April 15 Piano: 9:00 am, 1:00 pm, 6:30 pm

Monday, April 16 Piano: 9:00 am Guitar & Banjo: 11:00 am Piano: 1:00 pm

Tuesday, April 17 Piano: 9:00 am Strings: 1:00 pm Voice & Choir: 5:00 pm

Wednesday, April 18 Instruments: 9:30 am Junior Bands: 1:00 pm Senior Bands: 5:30 pm

Thursday, April 19 to Sunday, April 22 Dance

Sunday, April 22 Best of the Fest Honours Concert: 6:30 pm

More Results from the Peace River North Festival


Strings:   Beginner solo – Dakota Browett
                       Top strings solo – Kurina Mueller

Instrumental:   Top Instrumental solo or duet:  Trevor Frankham (saxophone solo)
                                     Top Musical Ensemble:  Benjamin Blackmon, Eli Smith, Alex May


Junior Adjudicators Award                                Allison Smith

Intermediate Adjudicators Award                      Wesley Kao Phan

Senior Adjudicators Award                                Shannon Dacanay


Duet Award                                                      Shiau Shan Kao Phan

                                                                        Wesley Kao Phan


Junior Popular Award                                       Amanda Koop

Int/Senior Popular Award                                  Shannon Dacanay


Junior 20th Century Award                                Allison Smith

Intermediate/Senior Award                                Wesley Kao Phan


Canadian Award                                               Aleisha Kantz


Junior Romantic Award                                    Jordan Fairlie

Intermediate/Senior Romantic Award                Naomi Smith


Junior Classical Award                          Allison Smith

Intermediate Classical Award                Wesley Kao Phan

Senior Classical Award                          Shannon Dacanay


Junior Baroque Award                          Danielle Harder

Intermediate Baroque Award                 Wesley Kao Phan

Senior Baroque Award                          Sierra Koop

Dance:  Studios:  S2S – Studio 2 Stage, MDC – Move Dance Centre, GPCD – Gold Pan City Dance (Quesnel), ADC – Aurora Dance Centre (Fort Nelson), IND – Independent 

Musical Interp Ballet 12 & under R-U: Emma Murdock (S2S)
Musical Interp Ballet 12 & under: Madison Kaleta (GPCD)
Musical Inter Ballet 13 &  over R-U: Garrette Smith (S2S)
Musical Interp Ballet 13 & over: Shiau Shan Kao Phan (MDC)
Musical Interp Jazz 12 & under R-U: Madison Kaleta (GPCD)
Musical Interp Jazz 12 & under: Keily Stewart (MDC)
Musical Interp Jazz 13 & over R-U: Garrette Smith (S2S)
Musical Interp Jazz 13 & over: Ericka Kirby (IND)
Ballet Solo 12 & under R-U: Tenille Johnson (MDC)
Ballet Solo 12 & under: Keily Stewart (MDC)
Ballet Solo 13 & over R-U: Garrette Smith (S2S)
Ballet Solo 13 & over: Shannon May (S2S)
Jazz solo 12 & under R-U: Madison Kaleta (GPCD)
Jazz solo 12 & under: Keily Stewart (MDC)
Jazz solo 13 & over R-U: Amanda Frankham (S2S)
Jazz solo 13 & over: Garrette Smith (S2S)

Pointe Solo R-U: Garrette Smith (S2S)
Pointe Solo: Shannon May (S2S)
Tap Solo 12 & under R-U: Keily Stewart (MDC)
Tap Solo 12 & under: Madison Kaleta (GPCD)
Tap Solo 13 & over R-U: Shannon May (S2S)
Tap Solo 13 & over: Vivian Traber (IND)

Lyrical Solo 12 & under R-U: Madison Kaleta (GPCD)
Lyrical Solo 12 & under: Ericka Kirby (IND)
Lyrical Solo 13 & over R-U: Vivian Traber (IND)
Lyrical Solo 13 & over: Garrette Smith (S2S)

Interpretive Solo 11 & over R-U: Karleigh Smith (S2S)
Interpretive Solo 11 & over: Garrette Smith (S2S)
Contemporary Solo 13 & over R-U: Ericka Kirby (IND)
Contemporary Solo 13 & over: Garrette Smith (S2S)
Demi-Character Solo 12 & under R-U: Kelani Shuster (S2S)
Demi-Character Solo 12 & under: Keily Stewart (MDC)
Demi-Character Solo 13 & over R-U: Shiau Shan Kao Phan (MDC)
Demi-Character Solo 13 & over: Shannon May (S2S)
Hip Hop Solo 13 & over R-U: Garrette Smith (S2S)
Hip Hop Solo 13 & over: Vivian Traber (IND)  
Variety Solo 12 & under R-U: Lauren Hrab (S2S)
Variety Solo 12 & under: Desiree Brown (ADC)
Variety Solo 13 & over R-U: Karleigh Smith (S2S)
Variety Solo 13 & over: Kimberly Rutledge (GPCD)
Acro Solo 12 & under R-U: Morgon Mora (S2S)
Acro Solo 12 & under: Zahria Stokes (ADC)
Acro Solo 13 & over R-U: Cassie Douglas (S2S)
Acro Solo 13 & over: Garrette Smith (S2S)
Musical Theatre Solo: Karleigh Smith (S2S)
Demi-Character ALL Ages Trophy: Petites Filles (S2S)
Ballet Group 12 & under: Masquerade (GPCD)
Ballet Group 13 & over: Classique (MDC)
Hip Hop Group 12 & under: I Took the Night (GPCD)
Hip Hop Group 13 & over: Da Rock Iz In Da Billdin (MDC)
Jazz Group 12 & under: Lets Get Loud (MDC)
Jazz Group 13 & over: Fever (S2S)
Variety Group 12 & under: Philadelphia Chickens (S2S)
Variety Group 13 & over: Bend & Snap (GPCD)
Contemporarry/Interpretive Group ALL Ages: Shenanigan's (S2S)
Stage Group ALL Ages (Acro/Musical Theatre/Production): Circus (S2S)
Tap Group 12 & under: Big & Bad (MDC)
Tap Group 13 & over: Coffee in a Cardboard Cup (MDC)
Lyrical Group 12 & under: Its Gonna Rain Today (S2S)
Lyrical Group 13 & over: True Colors (MDC)
Adult Group: Hip 2 B Square (S2S)
Duo Excellence Ballet 13 & over: Garrette Smith & Karleigh Smith (S2S)
Duo Excellence Stage 12 & under: Lindsay Clarke & Robyn Serginson (ADC)
Duo Excellence Stage 13 & over: Ashtyn Lockyer & Nicole Schoepp (MDC)
Dancer's Own Solo 13 & over R-U: Sydney Gustafson (MDC)
Dancer's Own Solo 13 & over: Garrette Smith (S2S)
Most Promising Dancer 12 & under R-U: Madison Kaleta (GPCD)
Most Promising Dancer 12 & under: Keily Stewart (MDC)
Most Promising Dancer 13 & over R-U: Ericka Kirby (IND)
Most Promising Dancer 13 & over: Vivian Traber (IND)
For the Love of Dance: Sydney Gustafson (GPCD)
Cameraderie Award: Meagan Woodall (MDC) & Vivan Traber (IND)
Adjudicator's Award: Garrette Smith (S2S)
Most Entertaining Group Award: Coffee in a Cardboard Cup (MDC)
Best Overall Group Award: Big & Bad (MDC)


Peace River North Festival – Provincial Delegates

The following performers were selected to represent this region at the BC Festival of Performing Arts in Duncan.

Choral:  Northern Lights Youth Choir was recommended for the Provincial section of the National Music Festival.

Level I (Age 10 to 12):  Ballet – No one qualified but Keily Stewart had previously been selected at the Quesnel Festival
                                                Stage:  Tenille Johnson (Alternate – Elan Miller Jeannotte)
Level II (Age 13 to 15):  Ballet – Shannon May (Alternate – Sonja Beale)
                                                 Stage – Shiau Shan Kao Phan (Alernate – Shianne Fairlie)
                                                 Modern – Karleigh Smith (Alternate – Shianne Fairlie)
Level III(Age 14 to 19):  Ballet – Tristen Jackman (No Alternate)
                                                   Stage – Ashtyn Lockyer (Alternate – Nicole Schoepp)
                                                  Modern – Garrette Smith (Alternate – Sydney Gustafson)